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The Housing Corporation of Greater Houston focuses on the housing needs of the homeless, individuals and families with little or no income, seniors, and persons affected by specific mental health and HIV/AIDS diagnoses. 

Properties we own or manage are strategically located throughout the Houston area, comprising a network that responds to housing needs for our most vulnerable citizens.


Since 1972, we have provided affordable housing facilities for senior citizens living independently in Houston. Our current portfolio includes:

Heights House
330 W 19th Street, Houston, TX 77008

Houston Heights Tower
1950 Heights Blvd., Houston, TX 77008

Fulton Gardens
3724 Fulton Street, Houston, Texas 77009


Fulton Gardens 2
3808 Fulton St, Houston, Texas 77009


The Oaks Retirement Community
325 Oak Street, Sealy, Texas 77474


Silver Lake Retirement Community
801 Main Street, Sealy, Texas 77474


Independent Heights
109 East Whitney Street, Houston, TX 77022​


Since 2000, we have provided hundreds of homeless veterans with a safe, comfortable place to live in downtown Houston. Additional care for veterans is provided through the onsite U.S. VETS service center and other outside veterans' service organizations.

De George at Union Station
1418 Preston Street, Houston, TX 77002​

Since 1999, we’ve supported chronically homeless families with special medical needs. We built and currently manage 50 units and provide 150 residents with a caring, dignified place to call home.

Corder Place Apartments
7210 Peerless Street, Houston, TX 77021


Since 2000, we’ve added 36 more housing units for individuals impacted by special medical needs. We provide active case management onsite to all residents through a grant program administered by the City of Houston. The project is located in midtown Houston within a historic building originally constructed in 1934.
San Jacinto Apartments
1111 McIllhenny, Houston, TX 77002
Since the early 2000’s, we have provided housing for individuals and households with special medical needs in coordination with The Harris Center.

Pecan Village
2208 Cedar Bayou Road, Baytown, TX 77520

Acres Home Garden
1909 W. Little York, Houston, TX 77091

Pear Grove
6400 Bowling Green, Houston, TX 77021

Villas at Bayou Park
10955 Kipp Way, Houston, TX 77002


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